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When you check out that hot and sexy neighbour of yours after a couple of years, you will generally not believe your eyes. You will feel that she has got a lot sexier than she was before, and makes an excellent chick to fulfil your inner basic instincts. These neighbours could be that chick in the last stage of her formative years, or the MILF whom you last saw when she shifted after marriage or a new newly married chick who seems to have a very boring life and is seeking someone to spice up her days, and nights too. It is always great to fuck such hot looking chicks of your neighbourhood and you will always manage to find one.

Those are the times when you were on a vacation, had these chicks asking you to run errands for them, and you had the opportunity to get intimate with them. Think about the times when you fucked more than one of these neighbours of yours without any fear of getting caught. To bring these fantasies of yours to life, there is an exciting site that focuses on such hot neighbours and it is called HomeTownHoneys. HomeTownHoneys features the most beautiful pornstars, including sexy amateurs, MILFs and insane lesbians in the craziest porn action on camera.

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Site design

When HomeTownHoneys focuses on sexy neighbours, shouldn’t the site also reflect this vibe? Yes, that’s what HomeTownHoneys gives you. Let us start from the beginning because it will give you a clear idea of what to expect from this site. First, the overall design of the site. Like majority of porn sites that I have seen and reviewed, HomeTownHoneys has a very similar design. There is a background that spreads across the browser window, a central portion where the content is loaded, a banner at the top of this portion, a tab section, trailers and pictures of videos, a brief description, an enticing title and of course a call to action such as Get Access buttons.

Let us quickly check each of these out. The banner gives you the look and feel of a calm and serene neighbourhood. The wooden fences, rows of brick layered buildings and trees will make you feel homesick. But, the best part of the banner is the pictures of the sexy naked chicks inviting you to fuck them. There are about nine chicks, each showing off her amplified boobs. HomeTown is written in white against a green background and Honeys is seen in amber colour of honey. And there are numerous honeybees, to go in line with the Honeys concept. You will also find honeybees and bottles of honey strategically placed all over the site.

The background of the site has a newspaper print texture. The central section flushes and blends well with this background and makes everything stand out prominently. Below the banner there are four – Home, Members, Sign Up and Continue, against a background similar to HomeTown that I described above.
In HomeTownHoneys, the title of a video follows the description of the video. The description has a honey coloured background and black text. The title of the video has a green background with white text. Below the title, you will find a trailer of the video, with a grey strip at the top and a black background with some text all around.

The text says Girl Next Door, Fucking in Hi Def, Get it All Right Now along the length and the formats in which the video is available along the breadth of the trailer. Another description, inscribed on a piece of paper is seen on the right of the trailer. There are a few pictures of the slut featured in the video, pinned to a soft board. This entire assembly of video, paper based description and pinned pictures are placed on a wooden frame. At the bottom of the site, there is a beautiful chick, in her white birthday suit, spreading her legs and showing her womanhood and inviting you to fuck her. The neatly trimmed pussy is sufficient to get your dick tearing out of your pants.

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The content

The sluts on HomeTownHoneys are amazing. You will find a variety of chicks on this site, in terms of ethnicity and nature of sluts. You will find amateurs, MILF and lesbians for your viewing pleasure. In terms of ethnicity, there are Latinas, Asians, Americans, Europeans, and others. The sluts have amazing bodies. They love to get naked, and feel hard dicks inside their wet cunts. They want their boobs to be held by strong hands, and groped, fondled and squeezed. They love to squeak and squeal when their nipples are pinched and twisted between the thumb and fingers. Playing with their nipples takes them to heights of sexual pleasure and make them wet in their cunts. The breasts are soft and round, yet firm. Nipples are perky and get easily erect at the sight of a cock or when a strong hand squeezes them.

Their cunts are well-maintained and the bushes trimmed regularly. Those who do not like trimming have them shaved. Their pussies are very juicy, and they not only love dicks inside their cunts, but also warm, salivating mouths that can give them immense pleasure. They love when the saliva is mixed with their cunt juices and they lick it from the guy’s or the lesbian’s mouths. The videos are also very diverse. From having lonely MILFs using the hot dicks of neighbours to satisfy themselves to Latinas and amateurs playing nannies at home, and lesbians indulging in crazy girl-on-girl sex, you can watch hundreds of videos with different themes, titles, and pornstars.

Some of the pornstars featured in the tour pages include Liliana Moreno, Ariel, Leona and Vika, Stephanie Cane, Bailey Brooks and many others. Imagine you are at home and the nanny comes over to look after your darling, not realizing that you are there. Your wife is away at work, and she will not come home for the next few hours. You are bored and you find the nanny trying to play nasty games with your sweetheart. She fantasises breastfeeding your darling and pulls her boobs out to have her nipples suckled. And that’s when you catch her red-handed. The slut is scared but your kinky mind has other ideas. Wouldn’t it make for a great round of sex with this amateur cunt? The Nanny Series on HomeTownHoneys features many such scenes to help you jerk off to glory.

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In Few words

HomeTownHoneys is value for money, and I am not shooting through my mouth. Apart from a two-days trial pack, there is a special monthly offer, a quarterly and an annual membership plan. Annual membership plans will save you up to 50% of the money as compared to monthly offers. You get sexy sirens who can make all your dreams come true and you will love to fuck that hot neighbour of yours when she wants your help to run an errand.

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