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Porn is not just videos and if you feel the need for some kind of different erotic engagement I may suggest an excellent site, a TwinkyToons. As the name says it is a twink dedicated porn site with particularly nice twink cartoons. It is not for everyone, but those that appreciate the subtle and ingenious work of art will come to love the content available for the lovers of gay toons.

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Site design

If you appreciate hand drawn comics and the hardcore gay toons, you will love TwinkyToons more than any other similar site. The home page has a nice cartoonish design and it is interesting to browse around even if you are not gay or twink oriented. The cartoons are as hot and more than that, there is an imagination involved in creating these toons, the one that creates a special feeling of arousal for the casual observer and for those that appreciate the genre in full, there is a guaranteed pleasure. The fantasies come to life here and those who join can benefit from some exclusive benefits. There are bonus sites that come from GayLifeNetwork and those are not toons.

There are Best Bareback guys, Teach Twinks or Lollypop Twinks, just to mention few, but there are much more and all have twinks as their models. If you would like to check it out first and join later, you can opt for a trial membership. This kind of membership is limited and you can view only the latest scenes. The updates are regular and they add something new and interesting worth your while. The material is 100% exclusive and the pictures come in high-resolution which is great, but they could have made larger picture sets for the download and that is the only con I can think of.

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The content

The most important part of any porn site is models. They give us drive and they get us pleasure we cannot get in the real life. With Twinky Toons the pleasure is in the exclusive hand-drawn twink models and since the artists are good, the models designed are hot and arousing even more than the real life twinks. There is something special in sexy and slender toon twinks. There is artwork here, the one that is surely worth your time and money and the variety of action goes from the guys posing nude, jerking their big cocks, sucking on each other or playing with sexy toys.

The twink guys here are all slender with great massive cocks, fit bodies and they look a lot like your ideal jock, blond or brunette with a taste for cock and round asses begging to be penetrated. These series are particularly interesting and populated with hot sex scenes and if you like horny pirates like in the Pleasure island, you will get the pleasant ending to your erotic toon story!

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In Few words

TwinkyToons is an original place that caters to the people that can appreciate really well-made toon artwork and can get aroused by toon series and images. Let your imagination fly and your body will follow the path of pure hedonistic pleasure. I like that there are 7 real twink bonus sites that come with the membership, so if you want to diversify, you can do it with just one pass. The sexy drawings of scruffy skateboarders, jocks, and roommates engaged in sucking, rimming and fucking each other will make you shoot a ton of loads, just as they do in those drawings.

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