The PREMIUMPORNSITES.NET isn’t just another reviewing site, it’s one of the best porn-reviewer sites online! And we can thank ourselves and you, our good reader for it. There is a team working on every sentence you can read on our page, and now it’s time for you to learn a bit more about them. Behind the PREMIUMPORNSITES.NET’s reviews, a team of talented writers, journalists, technicians and IT guys stand, and they are glad that you sought out their introduction page.

The team

First and foremost, we have to tell you that this wasn’t our dream job. We were eager learners of different fields, so apart from the information technology experts, most of us originate from different areas. We were good at what we did for a living, but the economic troubles took their toll on us too. We can’t tell you exactly how we came together in the first place, but after that meeting, we have been skyrocketing: we are free, we work for ourselves, and we can actually help people to make at least one good decision during their time online. The online porn arena is huge, there is a great competition between companies, studios… and even review portals are competing against each other. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with recent and trustworthy reviews of adult sites. We usually do a really fine job, and if you like to watch hardcore porn, or you are looking for only beauty and softcore stuff, we can show you the right direction.

Our mission

We don’t know everything. If one man could handle this task all of us would have a review sites. But, it’s really a trying work… especially when quality and trust is important. That’s why we put great effort in all of our reviews, and though sometimes they are only 1000 words long, they have been worked on for long hours. We are experts, that’s true, and no-one can take that away from us, and it’s undeniable. Our team consists of people who have proven themselves and pass the test the hard core of the team created for new applicants. There are usually three parts of the reviewing process: gathering, testing and creating.The gathering part takes some time: these are the first steps – our expert surfers look for new porn portals, and they see what the people demand and they create a list of demanded sites.

This list goes to the marketing/relationship team, and they reach out to the individuals or companies behind the sites, usually informing them about our reviewing, and asking for a pass to the site. According to the answers, they create a new list: promising sites and portals you should avoid. Then, still in the gathering process, we analyze the websites and gather all information that Google does, and we also look around at the background (related studios, companies).

Our rating criteria

When we do the testing, we do it thoroughly: we click everywhere we can, and we try to look on the site as you would. This means we try to stream and download the videos, see if the picture sets are available in one file, and of course, we look for the additional navigation tools. Checking the inner area of a porn site is just as important as the gathering process. We always write down our first impressions, and we write pros and cons for each site too, this way we help out the writers. As you may have seen it already, our reviews are objective, punctual, and they are the best way we can help you out with! You should check back from time to time because our reputation helps in squeezing some amazing bonuses out of the sites, so you can save a lot of us. If you have a site you want us to review, or you have a question, drop a message!

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