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Every single time I think about porn, I am reminded that there are tons of genres out there that I have not encountered yet, not because I do not want to but because I just never really had a chance. Of course, I am the type of guy who likes to explore the entire porn universe, not passing judgment, but to enjoy everything I come across. I am a pretty open minded person and I can say that when faced with the truth, I say I can deal with both men and women with no complaints. As a porn enthusiast, I have come across many things but never a good bisexual porn site. Sure, I get to see some decent ones but not anything that could be considered one of the best. At most, they are mostly mediocre, giving me mediocre looking videos, in mediocre settings, and nothing more.

So you could say that I was searching for the perfect one that will sweep me off my little feet. Imagine my surprise then when I came across a site called BiMaxx; I immediately jumped the wagon, bought myself 3 months membership, and went my way. Lo and behold, the greatness I found inside was indescribable. The site is a beautiful one. It is filled with amazing content with great quality. Both the men and the women were gorgeous and sported amazingly hot bodies that anyone should be proud of. At that exact moment, I wanted to stay there forever. BiMaxx is a porn site that specializes in bisexual porn and hardcore sex.

It was launched late 2005 and is still be updated up to today. It is being currently owned by the International Media Co. and Payserve. These networks are giants and manage tons of other porn sites that will surely tickle your erotic fancy. BiMaxx is an amazing site in itself and brings out the best of bisexual adult films. Not only is the entire site lecherous and sexually explicit, it is a haven for all things dirty, filthy, erotic, bawdy, and lustful. It is great, and I cannot seem to get enough of it. You want to get your hands on a risque porn site? Well, now you have it.

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Site design

BiMaxx is an absolute delight to move around in. This is because the site is as simple as it looks and everything you will find in here is simple to manage. The website design is rather on a minimalist side of things and it does not look crummy, disheveled, or messy at all. Despite the number of videos crammed inside it, the site in an overall judgment, avoided being unsightly, unkempt, and polluted. It stayed well on point and even with the simplicity of the design, it still managed to look rather striking and grandiose. The navigation here is also simple and is easy as pie, having no extra stuff hurdled together to make it rather complicated. So in other words, you get to have an uncomplicated navigation system. The user interface they give out here is greatly user friendly.

The layout is most definitely arranged in such a way that nothing is being missed out on and that it still shows the many things that can be done in here. You will notice that the links are found on top and this is a really good spot in my opinion because it is so easy to spot and never easy to lose especially when you end up in the furthest part of the porn site itself. The link contains several buttons that will basically take you their home page, the updates page, the model index, the live sex cams, the online shop, and the members’ page, respectively. Yes, it goes in that order. Below that, you will find a number of sexy and hot video thumbnails that when clicked, it will take you to the corresponding videos it represents. Each thumbnail is equipped with a fitting title, no description, a timed duration, and an HD label.

This is naturally because everything you find here is in HD, even the older ones. There are several photo sets that can be found here – it amounts to an average of 300 sets, if I were to be a little technical. Each photo set contains 150+ photos. The sets can be downloaded in zip files and have a diameter of 2240 x 1680. All photos are in hi res. Every single thing here is exclusive and with its good site design and navigation, it makes for an even better porn site than most. In addition, the network hosts several other porn sites, that are equally just as hardcore, that you can access for free with your BiMaxx membership. Be sure to check these out because it is part of the grand experience.

The content

A bisexual porn site always means you get twice or three times the fun in one sex scene. Not only does it guarantee a hot and lascivious threesome, you sometimes even get faced with an equally raunchy foursome, and definitely an even hotter orgy. Either way, you will enjoy all the double dicking you get here, as well as the finger banging, the anal and pussy fucking, the cum eating, and so much more filthy stuff that will most likely fuel that raging boner. Both males and females here are equally beautiful with great bodies to expose.

The thing is, the site does not have an English conversation and there are no subtitles given for videos. Still, it does not matter much because we are obviously here for the amazing and hardcore sex. Also, you will mostly be hearing the erotic moans and groans that escape these people’s mouths. The scenes can either be watch in your browser or downloaded in MP4 format. The same pixel resolution applies to both from 1920 x 1080 to 1280 x 720, and some even reach 4K resolution.

Few words

BiMaxx is a recommended site and I truly want to share my experience with all of you out there who sees the beauty in bisexual porn flicks. Great quality, great quantity, beautiful people, amazing site design, easy navigation – everything in this site is fit for greatness and that is exactly what you will be getting.

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