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Outdoor sex is fascinating, because there is a thrill involved in it. It is thrilling because someone can catch you fucking your girlfriend and can be a cause of major embarrassment. However, chicks and studs still try to indulge in outdoor sex, albeit secretly, to fulfil this thrill.  In most porn videos, outdoor sex is given a lot of importance and it is common to see sexy and naked chicks being fucked in the park, by the poolside, in the balcony, on the terrace, and various other places. Such porn may or may not evoke the kind of emotional response that realistic porn evokes when naked people indulge in outdoor sex. The porn in such videos is scripted, and the natural vibes are missing. 

Watching realistic outdoor sex is exciting, for you are emotionally attached to the slut or the guy, and you want to watch the act reach a logical conclusion, when the guy cums hard on the slut or the siren squirts hard as she experiences waves of pleasure shooting out of her pussy, when she attains orgasm. Showing realistic outdoor sex is difficult, but when someone shows this to you, you will love every second of the sex show unfolding before you. 

Whenever outdoor sex is mentioned, the first thought that crosses your mind is amateurs and sluts who are completing their formative years and would like to indulge in the best times of their lives, having insane and crazy sex with hot hunks, attend parties and fuck hard. Are you aware of sites that offer such realistic outdoor sex? If you can’t think of any, then here is one for you. CollegeRules. CollegeRules offers you a wide array of realistic amateur porn sex that is submitted by the registered users to the site. So, sex is not just limited to outdoor but a whole gamut of sex involving amateurs, in parties, games, bathrooms, beds. Orgies are common and so are lesbian, threesomes and gangbangs. 

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Site design

Though we started this discussion with outdoor sex, you should understand how CollegeRules fits into the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. After all, you don’t watch only outdoor sex to masturbate. You jerk off because you want to watch porn and if the site happens to possess a good dose of outdoor sex, it is the icing on your cake, isn’t it? 
Let’s understand more about what CollegeRules offers you. We shall start our discussion with its design and features. Having a simple, sober and aesthetic design, CollegeRules will give you full freedom to concentrate on your porn videos. I found this site a very straightforward one, with no unnecessary frills and air of superiority about it. The down-to-earth design endeared me a lot, and that’s the reason why I am presenting this review to you. 

The colour scheme consists of black and light grey, classical colours that can put any other site to shame. Black is used in the header section where you will find CollegeRules written in chalk. The text in chalk reminds you of a blackboard in an institution during your formative years. There are a couple of links on for member login and join now.  On the header, to the right, there are three tabs that take you to the key pages of the site. Of course, there is a join now tab. The other two tabs are Latest and Popular, taking you to the pages containing latest videos and most popular videos respectively. 

The videos, against the light grey background, look like a sumptuous feast for the eyes. Blending well into the background in the absence of any borders, the videos are arranged in a grid. With a title, duration, number of views and five-star ratings, the videos are a must watch. On clicking some of the videos, you can watch the associated trailer, but this may not be possible on every thumbnail. To view the videos, you must register with the site. 

Since registration is a must to enjoy these videos, you should know the affordability. You have a trial pack that you can use for one day. You can then convert it to a monthly or an annual membership plan. While the monthly plan is affordable, I calculated how much you would save by opting for the annual membership plan. I was having coffee and when I got the figure, I literally spewed the coffee on my computer screen. A gigantic 75% discount by opting for the annual membership!

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The content

I have not seen chicks sexier than the ones I saw on CollegeRules. Remember, these sluts are amateurs and the videos are submitted by the registered users. So, the sex is natural. The sluts have the most amazing bodies I have ever seen. In fact, describing them bit-by-bit, from head-to-toe may not be the right thing to do, but that’s the way I need to approach describing these chicks. Let us start with the top, the lips. The lips and mouths will make all your dreams come to life. Soft and beautifully shaped, you would want her to kiss and suck your cock all night long and eat your warm jizz like a hungry, cum-starved slut. 

Let me come to the boobs the last. I am a hardcore boobie lover, so let me keep the best to the last. The sluts have superb curves. When they strip to their birthday suit, you will find how beautiful their curves are. The hour-glass figure that they bring to the table has no parallel. The curves are emphasised at the right places. At the point of the navel, their waists are the narrowest. This pushes the ass to prominence because it is sexily curved. The ass cheeks are like soft pillows, and you can make the bitch lie down on her belly and place your head the ass cheeks. The boobs are the best parts of their bodies. Anyone who looks at the boobs and the perky nipples would want to grope, fondle and squeeze the boobs and pinch the perky nipples. Oh, how sexily they squeak when you tweak the nipple between your forefinger and thumb. 

And in outdoor sex, these are beautifully captured on video for you. I loved the threesome outdoor sex, having to sexy cunts sucking and fucking a guy. The sex between the three of them is crazy. The sluts are completely naked, and one of them is sucking a guy lying on a table, while the other slut is sucking the first cunt’s nipples. The guy takes turns to fuck each slut hungrily, like a sex-starved stud whose hormones have made him go crazy.

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In Few words

So, how did you find the outdoor sex? And what about the enormous discount that this site gives you when you subscribe to the annual plan? Don’t be fixated to the outdoor sex videos only. Check out the entire gamut of sex videos presented, for CollegeRules has so much to offer that you will not have time to watch all the videos completely. However, all I can tell you is that this site should be in your repertoire of porn sites. Get back to the top and join now to become a member.

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