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On Fistflush, women don’t settle for a finger or even a dick, they want the whole fist! These models love to stretch each other nice and wide and make each other cum. These women love to be felt all the way inside and know that the deeper they can take it, the better. If you want to see how much these sexy models can stretch each other, this is the site for you.

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Site design

The site is very visually appealing. The first thing you see are some of the top videos and by clicking the menu icon, you can browse around to deeper parts of the site. Even though there is no “categories” section like you would find on most other porn sites, they allow you to search the videos by a few different tags. They also let you filter the videos by model. This is useful because if you want to pick out a brunette or a blonde with huge tits you can do that and find all the videos she is in very easily.

The site works very well on mobile. Even though the formatting is different on mobile screen, the site can still be very easily navigated. The tapping and scrolling is very responsive and it is very easy to choose exactly what you want to click. The menu lets you search movies, models as well as the about section and the forum. All the elements of the menu are kept out of the way until you need them. This is effective because it keeps the website clean and lets you focus on the videos themselves.

The content

The girls on this site are great. They call them “models” instead of pornstars and they are very deserving of this distinction. All of them are very good looking and many of them are in good shape with big tits. When browsing by model, you can very easily see which ones have big tits and which ones have the tights ones which makes it easy to pick out what you want to see depending on what you like. The models are not big name pornstars but seem to very talented for amateurs.

The videos are almost all in HD. They are medium length, with some being over 20 minutes and others being under 20 minutes. With the membership plan you can download all the content you want and view it on your device at any time in the mp4 format. The camera angles change pretty frequently, but still focus on closeups, which is important when you want to see a girl putting a hand into her vagina. There are hundreds of these videos to choose from. Although they are mostly all involving fisting, the content never gets old with many different models doing solo or lesbian scenes.

There does not seem to be a photo gallery on Fistflush, but there is a ton of video content as well as an online forum. The membership from as little as 3 days for a trial, to a yearlong membership. There is also a one month and 3 months option for those who are in between. Members enjoy unlimited access to all the movies and are free to download as many articles as you want.

Few words

Fistflush has a ton of lesbian and solo content and is a very easy site to use. The strength of this site is in the models. There are very good looking girls with huge tits and they are a lot of fun to watch.

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