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Well, the world is full of very interesting things. Imagine what comes to mind when you think of going to the doctor to get a colonoscopy. Well, if you shriek at the idea of something going up your asshole, well this site is not for you. That is what came to my mind the first time I accessed this site. I am open to new things but I thought that this was not my thing, well, as it turns out, the idea of fisting sounds pretty hot to me. The guys found on this site are ripe and mature although that beats the purpose of the site. All in all, they do the job they have sought out to do with much zeal and passion and take the fists in the ass with pride.

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Site design

After keying in the URL and getting access into Fisting Twinks, I was blown away by what I saw. Everything on the site looked very nice and appealing. The writings were well done in many different fonts and shades that made the site look laid back. I also liked the background color and the idea of incorporating it. However, I would have wished that it covered the whole site and If it were darker to symbolize the raunchiness the site stands for.

The icons at the top are very helpful in browsing around the site. More so, at the bottom is a network home where if you click, you are afforded access to seven other sites at the same price of one. Some of the bonus sites include Boy Feast, Crush Him and Tasty Twink. The site offers what many other older sites have been unable to offer which is pretty commendable.

The content

The site is very new and the collection of videos is very few. The site has 19 videos in total and these are bound to increase in a manner of time. The videos can be downloaded in a variety of formats. They can either be downloaded in MP4 Format 6920k (1920×1080). One could also stream the videos through a browser live or through an embedded flash player. The site does not put a cap on the number of downloads that is allowed to a member and as such, one can download or watch the videos online to their satisfaction.

There is a live cam at the homepage, it is such a rocky hardcore at the assholes of these white guys, I have no doubt that this scenes will steam you up if you are so much into man to man like me. The beauty of this site is that it is new and thus the updates happen pretty regularly. However, it should be noted that these are most of the time if not all the time contradicting with the site name. The site has very few twinks to make it a twink site. It should actually be “Fisting Daddies”. There is a particular scene that involves two lovers who met via the internet. They bareback fuck and finger fuck.

Few words

The potential that this site holds is immense considering the rarity in the content on offer here. There are a few areas they will require to spruce up and make the site better. For instance, they should incorporate photo galleries to go with the videos. Other than that, I am impressed by the site and cannot wait to see what they have to offer in the future.

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