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When you want a change from the norm and from everything that you are used to and are looking for something that is sexy, something that is whacky and voyeuristic, well then GayViolations is the site for you. The site has all sort of great things on offer ranging from guys getting down and dirty, home video shoots, house filmed prank and stunts as well as public filmed pranks.

In the site, you will find yourself in a new surrounding where is as it seems with guys getting caught up in all kind of horny things describable. Together with this, there are bonus sites that are sure to make your viewership the more enjoyable as they add on the content already available.

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Site design

It is pretty clear and evident that with easier access to the internet and without many restrictions, many porn sites are coming up each and every day. This has made many of these sites lacking any outstanding features and these sites are vague. However, that cannot be said about GayViolations. The icons and the menus on the site are well arranged and organised on the homepage as well as in the members’ area.

They are placed in an orderly manner ensuring that the site is not congested. However, the video clips can all be found on the homepage which is somewhat congestion so to speak. The designers of the site should categorically look into that issue. Most of these videos on the site may not actually get you hard but they are pretty original and very humorous.

I remember at one time, I came across a really hot clip that featured a guy getting a blowjob from his friend on the parking lot oblivious to the video cameras capturing every moment. That clip turned me on and I and my boyfriend have blown each other in parking lots as it inspired us to venture out further.

The content

GayViolations is an amateur porn site that pranks and does other odd stuff to acquire content. However, there are models that carry out these pranks and also do those insanely hot porn scenes. These models are good looking and are fresh for the viewer’s enjoyment. These guys adore taking cocks in their mouths as well as in their nether regions for your pleasure. The site has about 169 videos in its library.

This is an impressive site and with them also is a collection of bonus site that is available and is made accessible to the members for the same membership. Some of these sites include Damn that’s Big that features humongous cocks with nice hardcore action, Out Him, features straight guys doing gay things just but to mention. With the videos are photos that are as tasty as the videos.

However, at times, the pictures can be blurred and fuzzy considering some of the images are captured on the run. Also, another downside is that all of the pictures are screen captures other than the site promising that they are high-quality digital stills. These can also be downloaded in zipping folders or viewed as thumbnails online.

I remember in a certain photo set that involved two guys. One was seated on a sidewalk and then the other just whipped out his cock. We then see him giving him a blowjob right there in the public. I shot such a huge load considering I was on a serious dry spell.

Few words

The site has a sizeable amount of models and I like their huge cocks as well as the other amateur action unknown to the participants. However, the site looks like it has never been visited since 2012 and the lack of new content is pretty boring.

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