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Porn has made life simple for us. Whenever we are horny and have the urge to shag, all we need to do is browse through the Internet and watch whatever we can to satisfy ourselves at that point. But all of this does become rather usual and uninteresting after a while, doesn’t it? The whole act of the women being fucked by the men, and when all you want to do is have that woman on screen all to yourself, considering your eyes and talking dirty to you. You want her to be down there on her knees taking your cock in.

It is so turning on to see her head bobbing up and down, as she is going down on you trying to take your cock in, or even when she is giving you a hand job and looking straight at you. Don’t you just love girls who are amateur; they have the perkiest tits and pussies so tight that you would want to stay in there forever? Now what I want you to do is imagine a combination of the two. You don’t think it’s possible, eh? Well, let me introduce you to MyPOVGF. This is a whole new genre of porn, made to cater to your exclusive needs.

And if you love watching porn as much as we do and want an experience that is as real as it can get then AmaLand porn network bring to you exactly that. AmaLand porn network, is a famous adult company that is known to cater to your crazy fetishes and for their wide content and diversity. And this network does specialize in amateur porn, and now they’ve upped their game and created MyPOVGF. You might be curious to know what POV means. Basically, POV stands for point of view.

It is porn, which is recorded from the point of view of the man. So, what you will be experiencing is that the model will be looking right into your eyes as she talks dirty to you or as she blowing cock, making you feel like you are there experiencing it all first hand. How amazing is that? You will be able to experience the girlfriend vibe without all the drama. I’m sure that this has piqued your interest, read on to find out more!

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Site design

You will be pleasantly surprised when you enter the website and check what MyPOVGF has in store for you. They have kept the designing to a minimum, giving the website a very uncluttered and neat look to it. It will stun you to see that very little goes a very long way, in every sense. It is almost a relief to see at least one website around which doesn’t fall under the loud and garish trap of over doing the raunchiness. They let their content talk for itself, which is refreshing to see. The colors that are used on the website are also very classic.

The main color that is used is grey. This color fills the entire background. The other colors that are used are fluorescent orange and green and black. This too is just for the logo, which is quirky. These two colors add a certain vibrancy to the website and make it more appealing. All the videos are placed on the website as thumbnails, with the duration of the videos mentioned. There is also the option of downloading the video via the thumbnail. There are over 60 pages of videos from you to choose from. And you can switch between these pages with absolute ease.

The content

We know exactly what you have been waiting for, it is the part where we talk about the girls and videos, isn’t it? We must say that we are mighty please with the kind of content MyPOVGF has managed to provide us with. This website has gone all out with the massive list of sexy, hot amateur girls that they have managed to rope in. These girls have the softest perkiest tits and asses that would make you want to pound in them through the night. They also have the tightest pussies, and you will see exactly how tight when dicks are tried to be pushed inside them.

This is not all, if these natural assets weren’t good enough, then you must see the skill with which they suck cock. You would believe that these girls have no gag reflex at all. They take in massive cocks easily even sucking on the balls, making this entire experience an unbelievable one. And these girls aren’t stars that have been on screen at all; they are your regular girls who just want their 15 minutes of fame. They are untamed, wild and adventurous. And nothing like your seasoned porn stars. These girls have sex and get pounded at because they want to and it is pretty evident from their videos.

And the best part is that, all of this is shot from the man’s point of view. Which means every time she is riding a cock, or shouting dirty things to you or even sucking your cock, you will feel like she is right there in your bedroom doing all of it. How amazing is that? In their kitty, they have about 550 videos and 855 picture sets, of which each picture set has around 30 pictures to view or be downloaded as zip files.

Few words

Just when you thought that the porn world couldn’t surprise you, you were gifted a present in the form of MyPOVGF. They have raised the bar of all amateur videos and even general porn videos. There is nothing about this website that we can complain about. They have one of the best lineups I’ve ever seen, with massive and brilliant content. I don’t think that you could ask for anything more. So, head on, sign up and give your cock what it wants.

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