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Wanna see some really good stuff, just like photos of hot and nude girls? Then fate has your back buddy, as you just stumbled this article, and we’ll talk about a really good site that shows you what you want, photos of hot and nude girls, and more! It’s Self-shot! This site is the very definition of “hot selfies”. Like seriously. The premise of this site is that they offer to show you these hot and nude girls taking selfies of themselves and posting it on this site for your viewing consumption.

The site also promises that the girls who post in the site are 100% authentic and they did it voluntarily, which means that the site checked if these girls are real or not through another social media outlet named Twitter. All of these girls are hot, nude and real. They show it themselves fellas, so all you have to do is to go out there and look at pics of their hot and nude bodies that they willingly offered to you guys.

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Site design

Once you enter the site, you’re going to see something really neat. It’s got a cozy dark colored background that’s not too striking to the eyes as well as to give more emphasis on the pics that they’ve taken. You’re going to see in one glance all of those hot and nude girls. Remember, they’re all really hot and they’re really showing their skin. Well, you don’t have to remember this once you actually enter the site. There’s also a film-like strip on the top of the home page to really show to you that this site is all about the media. After that you’re gonna see the Self-shot logo that stands out quite well, and you can see various tabs or buttons below the logo that makes you do the various stuff you can do in this site. Well, before the tour of those tabs, there are these various pics below them that let’s you see what this site is about.

These pics of those really hot and they’re all nude, so there’s that going for you. Below all of those pics are short definitions of the girls who posted their pics. No other description or biodatas or other stuff as these girls are real and authentic girls. Now, the tabs. The first tab from the left is the Log-in tab. It’s there that you can log-in so that you can enter the site and be able to access all those hot and nude goodness that’s stored in Selfshot. Next up we have the Contacts tab. This is where you can contact the owners of this site. If you have anything to say to them, like complaints or queries, then you can go to this tab and air out your curiosity and everything.

They’ll hear everything out and you get answered. Customer service. The third button is the Submit your Stuff button, it is there where you can submit all of your pics if you have them. Then there’s the Delete your Selfshot, where you can delete the pics that you have given out here in this site. Finally there’s this Sign-up button, it’s here if you want to join the site. Actually, this site is something like a membership site, where you have to become a member to actually see all the good stuff stored in here. That’s why there’s the Submit your Stuff button as well as Delete your Selfshot button because you can also post your pics once you become a member of this site.

The content

The site promises about 1000 approved self-shots, which are all from the girls themselves. The site Self-shot made sure that all of these girls are 100% real and authentic by checking out their Twitter accounts, so you can be sure that these girls aren’t tricking you or anything. You’ll know that they’re actual amateurs that are just really hot and horny that they show you nude pics and all of those stuff. Hell, you’ll know that they’re really just hot amateurs by just looking at them, like seriously, they’re the kind of hot girls who you can see anywhere around you, but they’re really hot, and they’re nude, so that’s a plus. How many photos you might ask? Well, there are 100+ photosets, yes photosets, which can contain anything from 5 to 400+ photos in each photoset.

That are really many things to enjoy. You can see these photos in varying qualities, from 600p to up to 900p. Also, you can see some videos. Yep, videos. There are around 100 videos currently in the site, and these videos contain some really hot scenes of self-playing as well as masturbation. Some of these videos even feature girls giving a blowjob to a partner. They also do some stripteasing if you’re into those kind of stuff. The video lengths range from just seconds to around 10 mins, so they’re on the short side compared to most full length porn scenes, much less the movies. They’re featured in MP4 formats, and you can see them in 240p if you want to see some cheap and quick fun that can also be seen on mobile, or you can opt for the better quality stuff that can go up to 480p. All of these can be seen in Selfshot.

Few words

Selfshot is a good site to visit if you want to go to a site that features these kinds of things, nude hotties that shoot selfies of themselves and post them online. It gives us what it promised us: real amateurs, not pornstars, that do the shooting themselves. Not some other stuff in the internet. Overall, it’s a good site to go to if you want to kill time and get some inspiration. There are only a few sites out there that give off the same effect as this site. So go out there and be a member now!

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