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This site features fresh beautiful ladies as they are tied up and being manhandled by their male counterparts in what can be said to be a aroused sexual encounter. Sexysettings is a porn website with its content featuring straight sex between male and females in a very intense encounter between them. The pretty girls who are stripped naked and tied up in varying patterns and the ladies are sometimes blindfolded and then pleasured by their male captures. Most of the girls are tied up restrained for the first time, and this evidently shows on the gestures and most of the time they love it.

It is boldly written on the site that the girls are all amateurs, the website, on the other, hand is not an amateur site as they are focused on producing professional content that can compete within the industry. The content on the site was put together by a team which are professionals, with high-quality videos as well as 100% real user content accessible on the website for their visitors. The site doesn’t upload user submitted materials, as they don’t meet industry standards; as they are known to looking drab and unprofessional.

Members of this site have full access to unlimited videos as well as pictures from all the previous photoset in times past. Also, can access some affiliate sites where they can get the similar content of porn materials as well as other genres. The website is frequently updated with fresh and new content on a regular basis to keep the fans of the website engaged and actively pre-occupied. The site which evidently has won any award for notable excellence, however, has a massive fetish fan base; they worship the content on the site and this can be seen in the comment and feedback session where the fans come together and talk about their favourite girls and what they want to see in subsequent tying settings. With a frequently updated site with a large fan base support and engagement, this site gives back to its members is second to none.

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Site design

The user interface of the website does the basic functions in making sure the site is functional and offers the very best payment system and support. The site which also has several large volumes of videos and pictures, they are well arranged in a chronological manner which gives a sense of orderliness. The site is pretty user-friendly, although it has most of its content on the landing page, thereby making navigation pretty easy as most of the content are in one place already; except in situations where a visitor need to go further in the profile of a model.

The design of the website has an offset of a black background colour and an array of other spontaneous colours in the different text which are white, yellow and some other colours. The arrangement of the items on the site can be done better, the comments and the content could probably be placed in separate categories. But the design of the site is interactive as users enjoy the content, and I think that’s all that matters the most. The pictures and videos on the site were properly labeled and this shows attention to detail on the part of the web designer. Despite the web development part of the website, which is pretty good, the whole website brings something novel to the porn industry and that is evident with a number of fans that comment on the site on a regular basis.

There are video trailers that can be accessed by non-members of the site, these videos buffer pretty quickly and they present HD imagery of top quality porn materials. Although the videos cannot be downloaded, they can be viewed by all; the full video clips can only be accessed by the exclusive members of the site. The streaming speed of the videos is pretty fast, as it renders in less than a minute. The photo galleries on the site are enormous as they are thousands of them.

The site doesn’t have a search option, but the content on the site can be easily accessed because most of the content on the site can be found on the landing page, and other subsequent pages features more details. The mobile version is highly optimized for mobile phones and tablets, and this provides the best user experience for the visitors of the site.

The niche occupies portray ladies as they are stripped, tied up and harassed by the male counterparts. The beauty of this being the ladies enjoy the ride and yarn for more. And comparing this site to its contemporary in the industry, there are a lot of similar sites; but sexysettings offers this content on a personal basis, using the name “Claude” that his fans can relate to the site as a relatable persona.

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The content

The girls can’t be described as full-time pornstars, but they light years from being pornstars, most of them in the early stages of their porn career. They all look beautiful and in good mood having a swell time with their captors. The site says the girls are amateurs, and they look like held up girls, but they feel fortunate to be in their current predicament as they all seem to be enjoying the thrill.

There are several videos on the site that reveal several sex scenes and hostage situations, and these videos are high quality some of the names include: Amy love being tied, restrained and fucked, amongst many other video titles. The better covered part of the website is the photo sessions that has several photos from the scenes.

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In Few words

The site has a lively aura as it felt like there are people there that cared about the content thereof and are actively engaged in the discussions. Will love to be a part of this site, probably for a personal encounter with one of the girls.

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