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There is no one who does not love the sight of a big booty on display. In fact, women with big butts easily attract men than those without do. There is something about a good ass that will make you want to spank it, touch it and in most cases fuck it. Imagining your cock inside the moistness of a tight asshole is a dream that most of as will give anything to turn into reality. Then again, not everyone is turned on by big butts. When it comes to pleasure, different strokes work for different folks. However, there are big butts that are to resist; just like the ones that are found on BootyliciousMag. This is an adult site that showcases women who put their junk in the trunk on blast for the whole world to see. The main difference between BootyLiciousMag and other big butt portals that you know is that this one is a classic online adult magazine.

As we know by now, any great site affiliated with big butts and big boobs is often part of the ScoreGroupNetwork. There is something about the way they present the content on their site that leaves you with chills. BootyliciousMag is completely dedicated to big butt action and everything about it. You would think the curvaceous models on this site gives you an ass-attic experience that you will enjoy anytime you are looking to be turned on.

BootyliciousMag is the online version of the BootyliciousMagazine that has been in print for a good number of years. In both platforms, only incredible asses are embedded in them. The site is a full-on ass-ault that will fulfill all the sexual cravings of a diehard ass-cetic. Being a BootyliciousMag member is a true delight as far as the provision of high-quality content is concerned. The scenes are exclusive and you will not randomly get them on any other ordinary adult platform. All of the women are into the action and this will also make you glued to the screen.

You will enjoy every moment of the moans and groans. Currently, the site comprises of 94 top notch flicks. For a site of this caliber, these are more than enough scenes for you to enjoy. Each flick is 30 minutes in length. As if this is not enough, you also get access to a few bonus sites that are all part of the ScoreGroupNetwork. The combination of big boobs and butts is truly epic.
To accompany the scenes are 284 galleries that come with 50 pictures each.

The images are also of great resolution, and at a size of 1600px, you will not be squinting in any way. Everything that makes up this collection is crystal clear. If you are still not sure of the content on the site, you can start things off on a limited trial period. Just like me, you will realize that you do not want BootyliciousMag to pass you by. In no time, you will be kicking back and enjoying the action in every way.

Site design

BootyliciousMag has 137 videos that have been arranged systematically in order to give you easy access to them. The can all be streamed and saved. When on tour, you can be able to enjoy them as short clips while full members of the site get to view them in the full-length version. In case you do not want to stream them and prefer to download them, the flicks are available in WMV and MP4 format. The newly added scenes are in HD version, therefore, you will not be able to complain about the level of dirty. The site also has 284 sets of high-resolution picture filled galleries.

The download is easy as they can be saved as zip files. Initially, the site offered its members extras like print interviews with a few of the models and a few wallpapers. However, after refurbishing it, the producers of BootyliciousMag deemed it better to completely concentrate on the photos more than the interesting videos. The update schedule is consistent, therefore you cannot know when exactly the site posts new videos for you to enjoy. As a site that has been in existence for a long time and it is doing a good job of keeping up with the latest design trends.

The content

The booties on BootyLiciousMag are big enough and tight in all of the right places to make you run wild with desire. They are simply ass-astonishing. You will be able to enjoy them in a variety of black, Latin, British and American. All of the different ethnicities make the site all that it is. It is hard to tell whether these butts are real or fake because they are all exceptional but one thing is for sure, you will be fantasizing about them all the time.

The models range from fat, chubby to slender and athletic. You will find the perfect girls for you regardless of your preferences. They pole dance showing off their best assets or simply put a strip tease show for you. The top-ranked booties are those of Virgo Period, Nina Roti, Luscious Lows and Felicia Clover among very many other. One thing we all know about to accompany them. On BootyLiciousMag, this is not the case.

Few words

BootyliciousMag is the single most impressive place that treats you to big butts. You will love all that you have to offer. The models are sexy and are featured in high-quality scenes. You will get a lot of bonus scenes to enjoy. This adds to the action in a great way. To top it off, BootyLiciousMag is part of one of the most reputable networks. You will get true value for entertainment. It is your one stop shop for everything big butts.

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