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For exclusive homo videos with an exclusive set of models, production and cocks. This is what the IronLockup brings to their homosexual audiences. Bad guys go to hell, but bad twinks, hunks, and handsome looking fella goes to hardcore BDSM lockup imprisonment fantasies that you gay will surely love to watch. The site promises that they will only bring you quality videos in hardcore fuck gay scenes such as BDSM and CBT actions. It is actually a good idea of bringing such gay sex out of the box just like this documentary porn site. The guys will be fucked, sucked and chained by horny homos. None of them are professionals or gay models. But, they are somehow got the experiences of dealing with horny gay in the world of kink fuck ass dude to dude site.

Site design

Honestly, as I enter the site, it is quite unusual seeing twinks that were hanged upside down by chains showing off their hard wet dicks. If you are not into with gay porn sites, then you might think that the site is all about imprisonment of some sort of captivity documentary. Most of the scenes feature tough men with muscles, tattoos all over their bodies and you won’t even know that these dudes prefer to fuck another dude for their homosexual pleasure.

This might somehow a bit of disturbing seeing some electrocutions, mishandling the guy’s dick and balls, as the gay man will use a some kind of stainless steel penetrating the guy’s ass. I’ve never seen these gay actions before and I can tell you that it is insanely outrageous. It is not for the gays or homos with fainted hearts. I recommend this one for those gay men out there who would love to see exasperating gay fuck scenes. The site leads me having mixed emotions, It’s actually impressive but also horrific. In terms of the design of the site, the content is all over the place. Each film has their own unique description describing the things that will happen once you click the play button.

Since the idea is all about detention and dungeon fuck scenes, most of the videos are dark but, all in all, you can see the entire action including the cum spewed to the dupe’s face. The video carries ten large samples per index. There are 215 videos and counting with an estimated duration of 45 minutes up to one hour. The movies are introduced in a cast list which includes the numbers of the guys in chains, inside the lockup cells, the dungeons, and even bathrooms.

These videos can only be watched exclusively on streaming using flash. But, the good news is the site features 5 galleries that have 25-30 photos each. Your viewing options are somehow limited and that could be the downside part of this particular site. But, I can say that they produced impressively providing the set of scenes with high resolution and above average qualities. The site promises that it will be a discreet billing and you don’t have to worry if you are hiding your homosexuality in you. Furthermore, all the transactions are safe and secured with model index and updates. If you want to have a tour at the model index page, the site presented them arranged as inmates and staffs. As of now there are 12 models in total with their case numbers and a set of stats as an introduction. The site really brings their audiences into prison break experience.

The content

The videos allow you to watch them on high, medium or low quality. As mentioned, the descriptions are very clear giving you all the information you need before you watch the vids available in full length. Most of the bitch guys are covered with some kind of a mask, I don’t know perhaps it is a part of the concept of the site Buy anyways, even though they are masked, I can say that the site has many bitch guy models. Some are twinks and most are hunkies. The nice part of some materials I found is that they include visual effects and split-screen scenario.

There is also a part where you can see the security cam black and white which emphasize the atmosphere of lockup dungeons and realism. It’s like watching prison movies, but this time, it is more realistic since they provide ass fuck scenes which are definitely happening in many prisons. There are several videos that feature Mr. Kristofer, this guy is a nut gizmo using lots of apparatuses to his bitch guy. I tell you, most of these scenes are drenched up leaving the guy (in prison) unsatisfied and mistreated in every way particularly his poor dick and ass. Kristofer will take full advantage of using the chains making the guy with many kinds of fuck positions. Kristofer will stare at him for moments checking his man-bitch if he is still breathing. He tried stroking his dick off while teasing the prisoner’s nipples. Then he gets some kind of apparatus electrocuting the poor guy’s nipples.

As the guy screams, he will eventually insert his dick into the guy’s ass. This particular scene delivers probably the prime output of semen on this site. Mr. Kristofer is perhaps the execution guy making sure that all the prisoners are properly accommodated in the most elusive ways. The sound are pretty high in quality, some are too dark actually while others are in good lightings.

Few words

I really don’t know that words I’m going to use during and after the tour. All I can say is if you are a gay man and you want to see some of the craziest and perhaps the freakiest gay show on earth, then this one is definitely your perfect spot fulfilling your homosexual pleasure. There are whips, chains, CBT, mask and other things you see inside the prison.

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